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Hyundai Translead Guiding Principles for Community Support

Purpose Hyundai Translead is dedicated to strengthening the communities where we live and work. We prioritize volunteering and providing financial support to local organizations and services, fostering communal health and well-being. Our commitment to community engagement reflects our connection to our communities and our desire to contribute positively to their development. Scope These principles apply to each of the communities Hyundai Translead [...]

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Hyundai Translead Environmental Management Guiding Principles

Purpose At Hyundai Translead, we are dedicated to elevating our environmental stewardship by embedding eco-friendly practices across our operations. Our commitment is to lead by example, minimizing our environmental footprint while enhancing sustainability wherever we are able in our business activities. This document provides a framework that guides our effort towards a greener future. Scope Hyundai Translead is committed to complying with [...]

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Hyundai Translead Guiding Principles for Caring for Our People

Purpose At Hyundai Translead, we believe in taking care of and giving back to our people, investing in their families and their communities. Family supportive policies ensure that our employees are able to do their jobs confident that their families are cared for and benefit from the employee’s employment with Hyundai Translead. Our corporate giving program is another testament to our dedication, [...]

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