Experience Innovation Beyond the Product

Experience Innovation Beyond the Product

What is the  HT360 experience?

Hyundai Translead empowers customers with continuous access to actionable knowledge, effective tools for doing business, and comprehensive support. Experience innovation beyond the product. Experience care and services beyond the trailer. Experience integration, knowledge and control to drive results and open opportunities.

The myHT portal is a tool for turning data into doing. With myHT, you get the info you need, when and where you need it most, helping you turn knowledge into action.

The myHT portal empowers faster, better-informed decisions, to give you a competitive advantage. It offers deeper integration with your operations, and powerful control synced to the speed of your business. With myHT, have your questions answered before you even need to ask them.

Hyundai Translead Trailer Finance ensures that there is always a reasonable equipment financing solution available. Flexible equipment acquisition options, whether structured for anticipated growth or to match cash flow requirements, allow purchasers to secure financing that’s synced to their business cycles.

Affordable payment terms, easy applications and same-day decisions make it easy for everyone, from owner operators to large fleets, to secure needed equipment quickly and affordably.

The HT Preferred Service Provider network offers fleets a certified service solution that reduces the challenges and expenses of keeping fleet utilization rates as high as possible. Hyundai Translead recognizes that every minute a trailer is inoperable, the customer is losing money.

The HT Preferred Service Provider network offers broad geographic coverage and comprehensive trailer care capabilities. Certification ensures that the HT Preferred Service Provider has properly trained technicians, a capable facility and full complement of tools, parts and materials to keep trailers on the road.

With an estimated half-million Hyundai Translead trailers on the road, demand for genuine parts continues to grow. The HT Aftermarket Genuine Parts system takes care of customer requirements for reliable, high-quality parts for both current and previous models.

Hyundai Translead has made sizable investments in distribution facilities, tracking and warehousing systems, people and skillsets, and on-hand inventory. Hyundai Translead distribution centers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, technology, and capacity, housing a comprehensive inventory that includes aluminum extrusion and other standard supplier parts in addition to HT Aftermarket Genuine Parts.

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Hyundai Translead builds the most reliable trailers in the most advanced manufacturing facility in the industry. But when something goes wrong, it’s good to know that you have a quality Hyundai Translead warranty backing you up.

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