HT Flatbed

New Possibilities in Flatbed Trailers

New Possibilities in Flatbed Trailers

All structural steel components are hot-dip galvanized and fully protected against the elements.

Using high tensile 110 ksi steel for the main beam allows  weight saving holes to be placed on the web to offer a stronger structure with reduced weight.

Available in 53’ and 48 (Avaliable in all length)’ lengths, our HT Flatbed offers versatility, value, and durability for the long haul.



Length 48' 0"
Width 102"
Fifth Wheel Height 47" (Nominal)
Rear Deck Height 54.5" (Maximum)
Capacity 68,000 lbs in 10' and 55,000 lbs in 4'
Tare Weight 9,950 lbs

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