January 21, 2020

Hyundai Translead announced today that Stuart James will retire as Chief Sales Officer (CSO) on March 31, 2020 and will transition into an Executive Advisor role. Sean Kenney has been named as the new CSO effective April 1, 2020. Mr. Kenney will join the company on January 21, 2020 and serve as Senior Vice President during this transitional period.

As Senior Vice President and CSO, Mr. Kenney will be responsible for all sales operations including Hyundai Translead’s dealer network and customer support teams. He will set long term strategic sales objectives and drive corporate priorities. As an Executive Advisor, Mr. James will continue to play an active role within the organization to assist with the transition, consult on significant decisions, and advise on the strategic direction of the company.

“Sean’s appointment as CSO is a natural evolution to his extensive manufacturing experience. We recognize his strong track record and have great confidence in his ability to strategically lead the company into the future,” said Mr. James. “Sean has significant experience leading and working with all parts of the business, bringing to the task broad industry knowledge as well as engineering expertise. His long years of managing and leading sales, dealer operations, and commercial strategy at an executive level, coupled with his innovative spirit, will bring insightful perspective to Hyundai Translead.”

“I am incredibly honored and excited to join the market leader,” said Mr. Kenney. “I am excited by the possibilities ahead for both Hyundai Translead and the trailer industry. Hyundai Translead is well-positioned to seize the right opportunities, grow the business, and continue to deliver strong results.”

“We thank Mr. James for his years of service and significant contribution to Hyundai Translead. His deep understanding of the business, strong leadership, and astute business decisions have continued to fuel HT’s growth,” said Bong Jae Lee, CEO of Hyundai Translead. “With Mr. Kenney at the helm as our new CSO, the strength of our market leadership, innovation, and exceptional team, all point to a positive future.”