Lighter. Durable. Long Lasting

Lighter. Durable. Long Lasting

Our ThermoTechⓇ series of refrigerated trailers leverages multiple years of transportation engineering ingenuity.

Our ThermoTech TL is designed to be lighter and more durable. The ThermoTech SP is designed for the Grocery, Dairy and Food Distribution markets. The ThermoTech MC offers the maximum Cubic refrigerated trailer available today.

All ThermoTechⓇ models, can be tailored to meet your specific needs with a variety of customizable options.

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Length Exterior: 53’ 0” Interior: 52' 2"
Width Exterior: 102.36” Interior: 97.4" lining to lining
Height Exterior: 13’ 6” Interior: 105.5"
Capacity 68,000 GVWR 3,722 cu. ft. of interior volume
Lining PolarX PP050
Tare Weight 12,100 lbs
AIAG Floor Rating 18,000 lbs

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Additional Options

Ultimate Corrosion Package

Offering additional protection to almost every steel components that are not part of the standard hot dipped galvanized package.

Scuff Options

Additional scuff options available in wood, plastic or steel to fit your operations.

Aerodynamic Side Skirt Kit

Hyundai Translead offers the HT EcoFairing aerodynamic side skirt which meets US EPA SmartWay and California Air Resource Board requirements for greater than 5% fuel savings

Liftgate Factory Install

Lift gates can be factory installed so that your trailer is ready for use when you need it.

Roll Up Doors

Roll Up Doors available from various manufacturers.

Tire Inflation Systems

To assist in achieving greater fuel savings, tire inflation  systems can be installed at the factory.

Dome Lamps

For increased interior visibility dome lamps are available from various manufacturers.

Wide Base Tires

Wide based tires from various manufacturers are available to meet both EPA SmartWay and California Air Resources Board requirements.

Rear Frame Options

Hyundai Translead can configure the rear of your trailer to meet your specific operational needs. From Pintle hook and side steps to additional tail lights we can build what you need.

Tri-Axle Configuration

Tri-Axle configurations available for those operations running heavy freight loads.

Side Doors

For those operations that need them, the HT ThermoTechSP model can be configured with side doors. Steps and lifts are also available from various manufacturers for factory installation.

Multi-Temp Configuration

Multi-temp configurations available for those who need controlled temperatures in different compartments of the trailer.

Air Disc Brake

Stable braking with virtually no fading, excellent downhill performance. Increased driver comfort - Braking feels more like that of a passenger car.

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